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    1. City University of Hong Kong Management Board Membership

      Chairman Professor Way KUO, President
      Members Professor Richard ALLEN, Dean (School of Creative Media)
      Professor CHAN Chak Keung
      , Dean (School of Energy and Environment)
      Professor Raymond CHAN, Dean (College of Science)
      Miss Kit CHOW, Director of Human Resources
      Professor Eric CHUI, Dean of Students
      Professor Horace IP, Vice-President (Student Affairs)
      Professor Alex JEN, Provost
      Professor KUO Tei Wei, Dean (College of Engineering)
      Professor Paul LAM, Chief-of-Staff
      Professor Matthew LEE, Vice-President (Development & External Relations)
      Mr Sunny LEE,
      Vice-President (Administration)
      Professor Duan LI, Associate Provost (Strategic Planning) and Acting Dean (School of Data Science)
      Professor Julie LI, Associate Provost (Academic Planning & Undergraduate Education)
      Professor LI Wen Jung, Associate Provost (Institutional Initiatives)
      Professor LU Jian, Vice-President (Research Technology) and Dean (Graduate Studies)
      Professor TAN Cheng Han, Dean (School of Law)
      Mr Simon TANG, Director of Finance
      Professor Christian WAGNER, Associate Provost (Quality Assurance)
      Professor Richard WALKER, Dean (College of Liberal Arts and Social Sciences)
      Professor YAN Houmin, Acting Dean (College of Business)
      Professor Michael YANG, Acting Dean (Jockey Club College of Veterinary Medicine and Life Sciences)
      Professor Richard YUEN, Acting Director of Communications and Public Relations
      In-attendance Dr Kevin DOWNING, Secretary to Council
      Ms Kelly FU, Director of Internal Audit
      Secretary Dr Eva LUI, Special Assistant and Manager (Boards and Committees)