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    1. City University of Hong Kong Management Board Statute

      The Management Board advises the President on matters relating to the development and management of the University and provides a major channel of communication between the senior management and the University community.

      1. The Board provides advice to the President including the following:
        1. the development of strategic plans and associated financial plans for the University;
        2. the methodology for establishing budgets and other resource allocation matters;
        3. University policies and associated procedures in the following areas:
          1. administration and management;
          2. financial planning and control;
          3. staffing matters;
          4. student affairs;
          5. risk management;
          6. development & external relations.
      2. To fulfil its role as a major channel of communication, the Board receives regular reports on the following:
        1. progress on the implementation of proposals in the Strategic Plan;
        2. the University’s recurrent and capital finances;
        3. capital projects undertaken by the University;
        4. reports as appropriate, from other University committees and from administrative offices, as directed by the President.
      3. The Management Board shall comprise:
        1. the President, who shall be the chairman;
        2. the Deputy President;
        3. the Provost;
        4. the Vice-Presidents or their equivalents;
        5. the Associate Provost(s);
        6. the Deans of Colleges or equivalent bodies;
        7. the Dean of Graduate Studies;
        8. such heads or other members of staff as determined by the President.
      4. One half of the members for the time being shall form a quorum. No meeting shall be held if more than half of the substantive members are represented by staff discharging their office temporarily on an acting basis.