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    1. Professor Horace H S Ip CityU wins two awards in the Universum Talent 2018 Survey CityU Cares For You Campaign 2018 Dialogue Series with Consuls General - The Republic of Korea Footloose the Musical performance at Arts Festival 2018 MOU Signing Ceremonry for Elite Athletes Study Programme

      Horace H S Ip

      Professor Horace Ip is the Vice-President (Student Affairs), Chair Professor of Computer Science, and the founding director of AIMtech Centre. He oversees the overall student affairs at the University and spearheads institutional IT projects, such as CRESDA, the first online central repository on student development activities in a university setting in Hong Kong. Professor Ip's biography can be found here.

      Student Affairs at CityU
      Student Affairs at
      City University of Hong Kong
      CityU Arts Festival 2018
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